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 The Elven- Elementals

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: The Elven- Elementals    Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:11 pm

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Folk tales and legends have always given us glimpses of Other-worlds. Most often they are the tales of Faery Lands or places where Elven live. Humans often find themselves lost in these lands while occasionally the Faeries and Elves crossed over into the human realms. These tales frequently included the quest of the hero and certainly told of transformations upon return from these lands.

In the earliest stories these races have a cordial relationship, but in later tales, the faeries and elves become easy to offend and great care must be taken to provide food and offerings and in general, stay out of their way. As the church became more predominant, faeries took on more sinister personalities and were portrayed as mischievous and even dangerous. They began to kidnap humans and steal babies. Sometimes they killed with magical darts. All Other-world creatures were portrayed in such a way as to discourage belief systems that were not sanctified by the church. With the tales and literature changing, the active belief waned, or at least went underground not to be discussed in public for fear of charges of heresy.

Today, humans are once again interested in Other-world beings, especially faeries and elves. In response, more people are reporting visitations and communication with these beings. There are any number of books, divination sets, stationery and the life with faery or elven motifs. It should be noted though that these reported visitations are not the cute little beings portrayed on nursery walls and certainly no Disney Tinkerbell. They are a very ancient race that is wise and powerful.

In the 1960s what might be considered alternative belief systems began to emerge publicly. However, they weren't really alternative, but a resurgence of very old beliefs. This belief system was wrapped up tightly in a catch-all called New Age and now, decades later, is still called by this title. Rather than being a new age, it was the time that old tales were repeated and the Elven race reappeared from their self-imposed exile that began as humans destroyed areas of the earth.

The Elven people are a high order of the Faery Realm and can be considered a form of faery. They live on a mystical island to the West. It is said that if you look to the western horizon just at sunset you can see the great castle that sits in the center of the island. Apple trees abound on this island and are sacred to this race. They frequently contain Faery Doors that act as portals for travel between their world and the human world.

Your first meeting with an Elf may be unsettling, mainly because you will not see a being that resembles the pictures in your childhood books. They also have the ability to shape shift and your first encounter may be with an animal that later shows itself as an Elven being. This encounter is likely to be at a crossroads, for that is a place of great energy.

The Elven beings can be your ally after developing a cordial relationship with them. They can be companions and guides and even help with healing sessions. Their primary function in your life, though, will most probably be for protection. Call upon them whenever you enter the inner planes and ask them to walk with you. Just follow this practice: don't call to the Elven for small needs that can be handled alone. Respect their power and wisdom and they can be powerful protectors and companions
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The Elven- Elementals
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