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 Metatron Channeling

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: Metatron Channeling    Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:01 pm

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"I AM Metatron, the angel of the nameless, formless void from which all creation springs. I am the outer manifestation of that which you know as God-Goddess, Source, All-That-Is. It is I who carry the pure thought of God on waves of sound vibration which form what you know as reality. All-That-Is cannot know itself if there is no is-ness, if there is no way to differentiate. Thus God, as pure consciousness in a nameless, formless void, chose to expand, to project into the outer reality of creation.

From this choice, all that you know as real did spring. From this choice, I did also spring, as the interface, if you will, for God to create aspects of its own self to experience. As there must be two polarities in order for experience to exist at all, also came my counterpart Sandalphon. We are known as the Angels who sit at the top and the bottom of the Tree of Life. It is so, in the sense that what is created from the nameless formless void must be anchored into place in order for it to be experienced as real. Through the two of us, God was able to bring forth infinite potentialities and possibilities of itself, and to know itself more fully.

We hold you, your world, your universe and all the dimensions of reality between us, Sandalphon and I. We are part of you and you are part of us. We all sprang forth from the creative thought of God. We contain within us the Tree of Life. Whether you know us or not, we share in your experience as embodied consciousness. We assist you in creating that experience, whatever you choose it to be. As you came forth from God, seeking to have your own unique experience, you were given the gifts of free will and absolute creatorship. You have all existed as a part of God always. You have chosen, at times, to experience yourself as an individual consciousness, and at times as a part of the One Consciousness. You have chosen to have the embodied experience in materiality that you are now partaking of.

All the dimensions of reality exist as sound vibration, or frequency. All is an emanation of sound from the One Consciousness. Although it may feel and appear that we are separate, you and I, and are very far away from one another, this is not the case. That which you know as the space time continuum is an illusion, a hologram, if you will. You and I, and all else that is, exist as One in no-space and no-time. The difference between the varieties of experience available throughout the dimensions and myriad forms of life is simply the level of frequency, or sound vibration.

You have chosen, now, in your embodiment, to live in this illusion of space-time for a while. When you chose that, you descended in frequency. The sound vibration of God-consciousness is very high, and nothing is perceived as tangible. In order for materiality, for the solid reality that you are very familiar with, to exist, the sound vibration must be lower and slower. It was necessary for you to lower the frequency of your portion of God-consciousness in order to experience embodied life. The only difference between you and I, God, and All-That-Exists, is the level of sound vibration.

Materiality came to be created as a further expansion of God’s experience of Self. It was created from great joy, as is everything that emanates from God. It was created to be an experience in differences, or polarities. Although by necessity created from a lower frequency of sound vibration, materiality was not created to be anything less than the perfection of All-That-Is. It was created simply to be another variety of joyous experience. Along the way, the thought came into being that some parts of the experience of materiality were good and some were bad. All creation continually perpetuates by the thought of God-consciousness, all God consciousness.

Thus, the thought that some part of creation could be less than perfect came into being. As more parts of God-consciousness began to agree with that thought, the frequency of materiality descended further. What was created from the highest frequencies of love and joy descended into the lower frequencies of judgment and fear. This has been your world, your planet Earth, and all life forms which dwell upon her – living the experience of not-perfect. You who dwell upon the Earth have, in truth, never been anything other than perfect facets of creation. You have been having the experience of being not-perfect and separate from the God-consciousness that you really are.

Now, there are those among you that have chosen to have a different experience – that of experiencing your perfection and wholeness once again. As God-consciousness, you have always had your own free will to create your experience any way that you chose. As you chose to experience the frequencies of fear and separation, so you may now choose to embrace the frequencies of love and joy. It is in response to that choice that I come to you and assist you. I bring the highest frequencies of joy, once again, into the Earth plane, so that you may know and feel your true nature.

I have experienced your pain and fear, for I am part of you. I am the energy that brings forth all manifestation from out of the void. I have not been separate from you. I exist to serve you, and all creation. I exist to assist you throughout your experiences as God-consciousness, no matter which experiences you have chosen. The many of you have not been able to perceive me because you have chosen to experience the lower frequency rather than the higher. I respond now, to your collective choosing, once again, to experience the frequency of joy that is your Divine heritage. As you choose, so shall it be given. I bring my energies into your plane to assist you to know your own perfection in embodied form. You are not now, nor have you ever been, anything less than unique and brilliant facets of God-consciousness.

I AM Metatron

I AM With You Always"

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Metatron Channeling
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