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PostSubject: Kongamato..   Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:53 am

Kongamato - Flying Demons of the Forbidden Swamps
By Cisco Serret

In the Age of Dinosaurs there existed flying reptiles called Pterosaurs. The fossil record suggests that they appeared in the Jurassic and lived into the Cretaceous, about 65 million years ago. Nearly all the fossils found have been in marine deposits, which means they probably were fish eaters and spent most of their time over coastal waters.

These flying reptiles apparently managed to fly with no feathers, their main aerodynamic feature being wings of membrane supported by an enormously elongated fourth finger.

They had hollow limb bones and a large keeled breastbone for attachment of strong wing muscles, needed for true flight and not just gliding.

The large expenditure of energy required to remain in flight for long periods of time, and the resultant loss of heat caused by the surface of their wings exposed to moving air, means that they must have had some method of regulating body heat, although it is doubtful they were truly warm-blooded as mammals are.

Although popular media has usually described pterosaurs as huge menacing creatures, most of the pterosaurs were much smaller, from the size of a sparrow to the size of an eagle.

There have been some very large species discovered, however: the pteranodon with a wingspan of 27 ft. and the colossal quetzalcoatlus, with a wingspan of 50 ft. (and possibly up to 60 ft.).
Some pterosaurs actually had fur, although they were not related to mammals.

It would seem impossible that these creatures could have survived to the present day. After all, if they existed surely people would see them flying about as they hunted for food.

How could a flying population of reptiles remain hidden? There are reports that people have been seeing flying creatures that match the description of pterosaurs for a long time.
People have even been, reportedly, killed by them.

to read more click the link:

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