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 “The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now”

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: “The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now”   Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:39 pm

Understanding that there is not an Apocalypse taking place in the most biblical sense of the word, but that yes, we are undergoing a world transformation. This is a type of terra-formation. “Terra-formation” in this sense is a method of physical, mental and Spiritual transformation that not only Earth herself is undergoing, but all other aspects of life as well. Can anyone argue that we do not need it? Much has been written over the centuries regarding an illusionary Apocalypse denoting what the zealots of religions call “the end times.” All right, we understand that even back then so much horrendous pressure was forced upon the populace to adhere to the dictums of the early religions and it then became a conditioned response of the world’s people.

In great part the diabolical lies and manipulation of Greater Truths has been handed down effortlessly to each succeeding generation, even yet today. Tell us readers, when is enough, ENOUGH? How much effort does it require for each person today to have the backbone, to have the inner determination to really seek the truth? Apparently this is too much work for many people on the planet. Speaking for ourselves as well as others who share the same interests as we do, we are each on our own personal quest to continue to turn the tide to truth in a world that has existed in illusions. One of the things that bother us the most is the lack of discernment many people show when reading ancient lies. Keeping people in fear is easy; keeping people in truth is not. A person’s fears will eradicate truth. So, many times truth must stand on its own. Among the many lists of lies we have listed on our “billboard” is an illusion that is so malicious that not only has it ensnared the feeble-minded, but has also harmed people who are either Spiritual or working to become a more evolved form of themselves. We are going to discuss this issue with you, then you decide what you believe.

Yes, we are passionate about this matter, perhaps it is time for all people to be as well. After all, how do you know what is truth if you do not know what is a lie?

In order for something to be considered apocalyptical the subject matter would have to be conveying a revelation. In a sense we suppose you could consider this subject matter to be apocalyptical because our desire is to turn your world upside down. Then you can decide for yourself if you are harboring the same illusionary belief known for centuries as, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” In truth, they do not exist. Those Four Horsemen who have been dreaded by mankind for centuries have been the cornerstone of a religious foundation of one of humanity’s beliefs ad nauseam. You see, one of the greatest threats to the ancient Illuminati has been truthful revelations concerning not only the God of this Universe, but the reemergence of God’s Light called, “The Golden Now.” The darkest of the dark energies abounded without much constraint in those earlier times. As the slow progression called “evolvement” continued its expansion among ALL the human races, the dark ones’ fears of “truth unveiled” became paramount in their minds.

You see, it had always been known to the dark ones that the greatest time of peril for them would be AFTER humanity AS A WHOLE, became consciously aware of their own Godliness and the true reality of the game the Beast was playing against all of mankind. Religion already had its foothold on the hearts and minds of humanity during the time that Jesus The Christ walked the Earth. The more He tried to share His truths of Universal Teachings, the more vigorously the Illuminati puppets coerced the Souls who were not succumbing to the dark, blatant lies of the Illuminati forces. Those people who did give in to the Illuminati did so because their very lives were at stake. They had no recourse that they were consciously aware of. They are not to be blamed; they did the best they could in those terrible times. As Jesus was trying to share His truths another plot was being hatched to instill even more fear among all races of people. The plot was ingenious in its morbidity. A convoluted method of passing down through centuries an ILLUSION of a group of four men, or four Spirits, who would allegedly punish humans for transgressions, control the human race, eliminate the human race as THEY sought fit, etc. was born. Furthermore it was said and later written that these four would appear to “cleanse the Earth when evil was running rampant here.” The irony is that this illusionary event was hatched by the dark forces wearing the GUISE of the LIGHT.

Here is a brief description of the doctrine of the Four Horsemen according to the Book of Revelations:

A White Horse with he that sat upon him, had a bow and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer.

The second horse that was Red and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the Earth and that they should kill one another.

The third beast was Black and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

The fourth horse was a pale horse and his name that sat on him was “death” and hell followed with him.

And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the Earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the Earth.

Is anyone paying attention here and seeing how intentionally fearful and con-troling this doctrine is that was deliberately inserted into religious texts and became an integral part of the bible? It is about pain, punishment, physical death and outright annihilation. THIS is also how the “wrathful God” belief was spawned. This is also how the illusion of “hell” was further promulgated. Now, we will share a Greater Truth with you since you have had time to read the Great Lie.

In those earlier times crucifixion was a normal means of punishment. Thieves in particular were placed on rough hewn wooden crosses with their wrists bound and outstretched on the cross as an example to others, as well as a punishment for their crimes. The fact that Jesus was never crucified on the cross did not prevent the crucifixion story to become another part of the cornerstone of the illusion foundation. People believed then, as so many do yet today, that Jesus The Christ actually died on the cross to save people from their sins. His martyred image can be seen in millions of churches, on jewelry, in books etc. So the true meaning of the cross was hidden from the world’s people who unwittingly sought to subjugate themselves to a crucifixion event that never occurred. They never knew the difference between a cross and a crucifix. The crucifix itself is a figure of pain, sorrow, torture, abomination of Spirit and misdirection. People were purposely misled on how to seek salvation for their perceptions of sins and were also taught of an illusionary need to eradicate the “sins of their fathers.” This was but one manner of how the dark forces foisted guilt upon humanity.

So, what is the cross? Glad you asked. A cross, an ordinary cross: or crosses with crystals, crosses made from metal, wood, silver, gold, whatever materials that crosses can be made from, that do NOT depict an image of Jesus The Christ on that cross, have a meaning that few have ever imagined. In one of the most malevolent Machiavellian attempts to hide the true identity of a cross, the dark energies continued to impress upon the peoples the need to wear or have a crucifix with the hope that in this way they could continue to hide a cross “in plain sight.” After years of seeding mistruths the Illuminati could not allow the true meaning to surface and have it backfire or boomerang upon themselves. Simply stated, the cross is a compass. The compass denotes North, South, East and West. Each point of the compass represents the races of the world. We are now in a time when North needs to meet South and East needs to meet West, and North, South, East and West need to converge in harmony. In this manner there will be no division between black, white, red and yellow. Some Native prophecy calls it the time when the Condor of the South and the Eagle of the North come together as one. What further needs to be understood by the reader, is that the simplicity of the compass is daunting to dark Souls. You see, this means that as a person becomes aware of the powerful magnetic energy that a cross projects to all other people whether they are wearing, or possessing crosses, it enhances and magnifies the Light of each Soul.

Essentially, each race is a “horseman.” So regardless of the preponderance of mixed races on the planet, each person still is part of a race which is genetically predominate. We are not getting into reincarnation, karma or anything of that nature. We ask that you maintain focus and be receptive to understanding that those who wear a cross become a cross. We consider this to be a part of everyone’s birthright. No, we are not telling everyone to run out and buy a cross; we want you to at least be aware of the true significance of the cross. As more and more people become aware of this fact, the more these same people can dis-empower dark forces. In this manner more can be accomplished with less effort. Which brings us to the title of this writing. Each one of you who understands what we are saying, why we are saying it, and are assimilating the truth of this matter, causes each of you to become a force to be reckoned with. This means that you are moving up anther step on your own personal ladder of evolvement and being an active participant “on horseback” with the Golden Now. You are no longer searching for all aspects of your destiny, in many ways you are being your destiny. Remember the cross is NOT religious, it is a Spiritual “direction finder.” Each Soul is Its own cross and what a wonderful gift that is! Now that you know what you have and what you are….. use it! And have your Light shine as brightly as the Son of God or the Sun of God, whichever you prefer. From now on you will see simple images of the cross wherever you go, it may be on a uniform, it may be on a road, it can be longitude and latitude symbols to guide you, it can and will be everywhere you go. So just smile and enjoy your gift.

As the Golden Now, which is the Genesis of God on the Earth Star planet, continues its forward momentum and achieves its final destination, the envelopment of this world in totality with the Light of all Lights, there will not be any separation between any races of people; there will be only one horseman…..the human race.

Salude…Celest and David

We will be adding others’ comments on the “Four Horsemen” as we receive them from the general public. Judging from the response to this writing which we sent out privately to a number of men and women who are part of different light workers groups, sadly we received either no response from them at all or they were uncomfortable with the subject matter and preferred to remain as non-participants, except for five people. So much for “All Good Souls Uniting Now.”

We realize this is a controversial subject, but then - truth always is.

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Serenity Magic

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“The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now”
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