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 The Clown Statue

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: The Clown Statue   Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:32 pm

Jessica had been babysitting for a couple of years now. She was very responsible for a fifteen year old and had managed to earn quite a reputation for her skills as babysitter. The Johnson family had asked Jessica to baby sit their two small children tonight. The Johnsons were a very well known family locally and lived in what Jessica considered a mansion.

The house was very large, but was also very nice and there was plenty of food in the fridge that Jessica could help herself to. These were the kind of jobs that Jessica liked. As soon as the Johnsons left, Jessica began to read stories to the children. It wasn’t long until the children were sleeping and Jessica found herself all alone in the huge house. There were plenty of televisions, so she popped some popcorn and decided to watch tv in the parents bedroom, because it was closer to the children.

She flipped the lights off and plopped down on the bed. As she pushed the power button on the remote, the room was flooded with light from the television. She saw the creepy statue instantly. It was a fairly big statue of a clown, that had the most sinister look on it’s face. It stood in the corner and seemed to be watching her every move. “What a creepy thing to have in your bedroom” she thought to herself.

Jessica continued to watch television, but the feeling of being watched grew stronger with every passing second. Finally, unable to shake the creepy feeling, Jessica decided to call the Johnsons and ask if she could move the creepy old clown statue.

When Mr. Johnson answered the phone, Jessica told him that she felt uneasy and that the weird clown statue in the corner was giving her the creeps. “Do you mind if I move it or throw a blanket over it?” she asked. Mr. Johnson didn’t answer. There was a moment of dead silence until he began to speak with a slight tremble in his voice. ” Get the babies and go next door” he said. Jessica told him that she didn’t understand. “You aren’t mad at me are you Mr. Johnson?” she asked. He replied again in a calm voice, “Just get the babies and go next door. I’m calling the police.”

Jessica was feeling very uneasy at this point and decided to do what he had told her. Still unsure of what Mr. Johnson was so upset about, she woke the children and hurried over to the neighbors house, where she learned that the Johnsons had already called the police.

Confused, Jessica called Mr. Johnson back. “What is going on? Why did I have wake the babies up? I was just freaked out by your clown statue. I didn’t mean to upset you” she said. There was a short pause before he spoke. ” We don’t HAVE a clown statue.” he replied. “The children have been telling us for two days now that there was a clown in their room, watching them sleep. We didn’t believe them until now. We thought they were just having nightmares.” Jessica was frozen with fear.

It wasn’t long until police had apprehended the “statue”. Apparently the clown was a midget (or little person) that had become homeless and had taken refuge in the Johnson home. The large size of the home matched with his small stature made it the perfect place to stay. There were lots of hiding places for a little person. He had been living there for weeks, watching the Johnson family. Jessica had walked into the parents room when he didn’t expect it. The little clown had simply frozen and pretended to be a statue until Jessica left the room.

The police later found out that this was not the first home he had taken up residence in. Just two months ago, there was a family in the neighboring town that had been viciously murdered in their sleep. The only clue that the police had to go on was child sized footprints in the blood and reports that the children had been telling their friends about a clown that came into their room at night.

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The Clown Statue
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