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 Dumbo is Not an Elephant

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Storm Silverhair

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PostSubject: Dumbo is Not an Elephant   Thu Feb 21, 2013 2:35 pm

Dumbo Octopus

Family Opisthoteuthidae

These charming deep sea octopus get their common name from their paired fins that look like elephant ears. They are found to considerable depths - one was sighted at 7,000m, the deepest depth of any cephalopod. They are some of the rarest of the Octopus species!


There are about 37 species. Many are poorly understood.


They are not very big. They can grow to 20cm (up to 8 inches).


They are found in every ocean.


These are deep sea octopus, typically living from 100-5,000m depth, though they have been seen at 7,000m depth - the greatest depth for any cephalopod, and may venture into shallower waters in polar regions. They are typically benthic, living on or close to the bottom, though some may be found some meters from the seabed where they drift, with arms outspread.


Bottom-dwelling species eat crustaceans, worms and bivalves. Those hovering above the bottom tend to eat pelagic copepods. They are unusual in that they mainly swallow prey whole.

Behavioral Adaptation

These deep-dwelling octopus swim by flapping their large ears and/or by stretching out and pulling in of their webbed arms. They are graceful swimmers and capable of quick escape when threatened.

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Dumbo is Not an Elephant
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