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 How To Reveal Your Frequency

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: How To Reveal Your Frequency   Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:01 pm

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Picture a fistful of sticks of the same length. In your grip they are long enough to extend in two directions at once--above and below your fist, in equal amounts. Each of these sticks represent a particular quality--below your fist shows the extension of qualities within you, and above your fist shows extensions of qualities outside of you. Both are joined somewhere within the fist and cannot be separated at all. That fist is your consciousness.

Now look around you. Let’s say you believe that the world is filled with lies and it is not honest enough. So what you have to do to increase the amount of honesty in the world is to push upwards on the stick which represents honesty, hence increasing the amount of honesty in the external world—above your fist. By doing so, you believe you have thus created a greater amount of honesty that was missing in the world before you arrived.

But what have you also done? By pushing upwards on the stick of honesty, you have lost the presence of that stick below your fist—your internal self. You therefore promote honesty in the world by sacrificing that same stick inside of you--your internal honesty. As you do so, more and more, you see an absence of honesty in the world—when in reality, the absence of honesty is now more prevalent within yourself, and your lack of honesty will increase and turn against you, forming a complex contradiction in your actions that you will find difficult to explain to others. Your intentions were worthy, but the results generally end up being pretty catastrophic.

This is extremely difficult to accept, as it basically says all that is wrong with the world is the equivalent of all that is wrong within our collective inner selves, and our good intentions are what turn everything sour. The missing ingredient that we see externally is actually the missing end of the stick that you have pushed up on , internally. It is the quality which is most absent from your inner life.

Now, all of these qualities have a different amount of themselves above and below your fist. Release your grip and make a horizontal line matching the location of the center of your fist. Line up the sticks, one by one, ascending externally above this line , and descending internally below this line. See the wave? That wave is your electromagnetic frequency. The problems that you see define your structure. Ultimately there is nothing to ‘fix’ so much as there is a way to act and be. And that frequency that makes up who you are, that makes up all of us together as one, can change as well—if you and I let it.

Eastern philosophies observe the ascending and descending sticks of quality and seek ‘balance.’ We must have balance, they say. We must have the same amount of a quality both internally and externally, and to do so, we must stop looking for that which is wrong with the world and stop looking for that which is wrong within ourselves--because a focus on wrongness in either direction creates a tip in the scales, causing you to see imbalance where there is none, and hence, creates the imbalance through the extra weight added by your own probing consciousness. Imbalance, to the east, is thus the cancer that must be cured in the world.

The west see these sticks differently. To seek balance, they believe, is a resignation back to the flat line where there is no point to consciousness. There are no positives and negatives in such a world created by the east-- the universe might as well be dead. As a result, western philosophies do the opposite and seek to create imbalance, scarce resources, uneven divides, war, particles, separation, singularity, strife. To the west, they want sticks up and down all over the place in uneven amounts. This gives purpose to consciousness in the universe—definition to the emptiness inside of us all. This adds value to consciousness acting upon the void. Balance is thus the cancer that must be cured, and they personally are the remedy.

The problems that you notice are hints are your current definition in the immortal matrix. Your ‘problem solving skills’ are the equivalent of a pump, filling the world above with the sludge from the world beneath. Life, consciousness, the energy of you, is thus one massive problem you are trying to correct--a large external action which contains an equivalent internal reaction, connected, inseparable—the limitation of your body and mind. Some people are very loud, some people are very soft, some people have long, slow, and steady actions, others have short, fast, and erratic reactions. All of these are different, defining each individual person, acting together in one massive symphony of frequencies. The sheet music is owned by the gods, and we are their notes.
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How To Reveal Your Frequency
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