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 Upon Which My Oversoul Speaks

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: Upon Which My Oversoul Speaks   Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:56 pm

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You can look at everything in two ways: it has meaning, or it is meaningless. It is intentional—or it is random. And most of the time, you have difficulty deciding which is which, because when you review an event that has happened to you and you twist it around in your head as if it were a cube in your hand, you can see it both ways---laced with purpose, or you can see all that purpose as just wishful thinking. Why did this happen to me? You wonder—hoping that it wasn’t all for nothing. The fact of the matter is, because you can look at things in your life in such a fashion, you get confused, depressed, because you don’t necessarily want it to be a choice—you want it to be true—there is purpose or there is none. But it is a choice. And it is this choice of interpretation that I have spent the past couple months exploring in detail only to open my eyes to something I have never before considered: the oversoul.

Most individuals need their meaning handed to them on a stick, which is why you get things like dream dictionaries and tarot card readings from ‘the professionals’ and preachers explaining why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Other individuals need to invent their own meaning, and they do so without remorse, without guilt, without thinking their own ‘made up’ meaning is any cheaper than the one handed to them by some higher presence. But a third option is also possible: the external presence that hands out meaning like cotton candy is the same exact presence as the internal one, just on a different level. I mean, there are millions of external sources that you could turn to in order to receive your meaning…so your selection of which external source you listen to…is almost impossible to separate from the internal one that generates meaning from apparently nothing.

The external meaning is one that you wear, as if you are an actor in someone else’s script—the internal meaning is one that puts clothes on itself—it is fine being its own script. The internal one can look at the events in life and say, you know what? This whole place is run by reptilians. The external one says, tsk tsk, you silly fool—there are no lizard people—that is just your own active imagination as it does not want to take responsibility for the planet. It is your own cry to get into politics and fix that which is broken—but believing in the lizard people gives you an excuse not to fix things for yourself and your children. It is a cry of lazyness--not of revelation.

So who is right? The external source, or the internal? It is a choice—so which do you choose? You don’t want to be wrong—but when you choose, you head down a slippery slope—in either direction. Is there any way to reconcile?

I believe there is.

Let’s just imagine, for instance, that you are making both of them up. Since you can select an internal meaning, and you can select an external meaning, why are they any different? You can apply beliefs of a buddhist or catholic or christian or satanist…and you can come up with meanings that match one from a buddhist or catholic or christian or satanist. And since both are a selection…you are both defining your own god…as your god defines you. And since you are defining each other, that would imply that both your god, and that god’s current instantiation—is you. You are thus your own meaning…both externally applied and internally invented. Like..two strands of RNA which, combined, make DNA. Life. And through such activity in your mind, life has purpose because you and your oversoul are giving it that purpose.

So, what do I mean when I say that I am an instantiation? Well, take a look at astrology. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, and you are currently one of them. You more or less take on the qualities of your sign—if you want, but you don’t have to. It is a choice, and in the center of that choice is a neutral core, attempting to know itself.But the outer shell which could be a Capricorn or a Leo or an Aries this time around gives you an inclination to be a certain way, as if, in this life, the scales are tipped ever so slightly to bring about a new variation—out of a much more long term “you.” And it is this long term you which is going through all the variations that is the oversoul. That is who you answer to—yourself, on a much higher level. At the end of this life, your body collapses, and what escapes heads straight to the center as the oversoul prepares yet another incarnation which will help it to know itself.

While it is doing this, while you are going through this life…it watches from the center, an all-seeing eye, peering from behind, giving you suggestions, but its language is much more evolved than these words or the words that you use on a day-to-basis. It manifests itself to you only through symbolism that you alone feel is meaningful and powerful. For instance, recently I wrote an article about the symbol, in Hebrew, for the phrase “in the beginning” which aligns itself perfectly with the symbol for Gilgamesh that also talks about the origin of man. And it is this very symbol which I am absolutely overwhelmed by as I am currently residing in Minneapolis, the world headquarters of “Target” whose symbol is everywhere. I cannot escape it. That is the symbol for Gilgamesh, and when I see the symbol, I do not think I am making it up---I feel an oversoul is making me notice, which is why I’m here. If you say that is just wishful thinking, then you don’t understand the relationship between the oversoul and the self—both, combined, create meaning, because there is no other meaning. When I look around and see Gilgamesh everywhere, reminding me of the origin of man, couldn’t it also be telling me something important about myself and where I am at with everything in my life at the same time? I don’t just think so--I know so.

So when you look around yourself and see meaning in otherwise trivial things, maybe instead of fighting it and assuming nothing has meaning and it is all random nonsense, you should, instead, give in to it, and allow yourself to experience the meaning, even if you feel you are making it all up. You and your oversoul, combined, are inventing everything yourself based on what you two notice and call out as being important. By not doing so robs yourself of the ability to manifest meaning and purpose—without which, there truly is none.
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Upon Which My Oversoul Speaks
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