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A friendly forum community with many topics and discussions about the paranormal, mystical, and spiritual.. We offer a chatbox for our registered members, and an environment that feels like 'home'.
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 An Overview Of Sacred Geometry

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher
Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: An Overview Of Sacred Geometry   Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:54 pm

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Sacred Geometry is the theory of dimensional evolution which assumes the universe is a living system kept together by the existence of a sacred geometry that encompasses the entire cosmos and makes for the blueprint for the manifestation of what we know as our material universe and in addition organizes the context through which all love evolves.

Our universe was designed to be highly efficient and is capable of performing a wide range of multiple functions at the same time. The very same geometry which provides structure to physical reality also allows for the perceptual environments that people and civilizations must move through as part of a systematic learning process on the path towards evolution.

Each dimension of this sacred geometry holds a unique place of perceptual space and a context of learning both for personal and social evolution. As each new dimension appears a new set of perceptions and potentials is awakened which we are free to accept and actualize or ignore. It is in understanding the dimensional structure which exists all around us that allows us to be able to understand the path and direction of personal and social evolution.

Even though our modern science generally believes there is nothing of deeper meaning to the dimensional geometry of the universe other than the actual physical aspects, there is a view that is almost diametrically opposed to this that began with the Greek philosopher Pythagoras in 500 B.C. Pythagoras believed and taught the theory or belief that all of the mathematical patterns in the universe were actually expressions of divine intelligence and signified a divine intention.

According to Pythagoras, we are surrounded by organizational intelligence that is shown in its purest from through mathematical formulas and musical harmonies and allowing ourselves to be at the center of our experience; we can know and share the organizing patterns and principles that pervade the universe. This is a thought that was even held by Albert Einstein, who stated that he received his greatest breakthroughs after praying and sleeping. The answers to the questions he was seeking came to him from the Universe while he slept! This is also the way that it can be explained for someone who is blind to be able to sculpt and for a deaf person, such as Beethoven to be able to compose intricate musical scores.

Plato, who taught over a hundred years after Pythagoras, continued in the teachings of Pythagorean thought in espousing that the universe or cosmos as Pythagoras termed it was a place of "harmonious and beautiful order" and placed such a high regard on geometry that he placed a sign above the door to his academy stating, "Let no one unacquainted with geometry enter here."

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An Overview Of Sacred Geometry
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