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 People By The Numbers: How To Sum Up A Person's Energy 1 2 3

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: People By The Numbers: How To Sum Up A Person's Energy 1 2 3   Wed May 25, 2011 3:09 pm

Numbers are a manmade device, but the magic of their action has not been lost on humanity. Stores don't how it works, but they know that if you price an object with the numbers 99 on the tag, you are going to get a better response. Why? Because 9 is the number of action and the subconscious response within people is "Do it now. Buy it now."

I'm going to give you a quick way to sum up the energy of a person, simply by using numbers and some background as to their connection to planets and symbols as related to certain types of energy. If you know a little about astrology, that helps too.

When judging the influence of a number, know that a single number will be a more pure
interpretation, whereas numbers that have more than 1 digit contain more complex energy. To get to the root number, just add all the digits together until there is only one, and this is where we will begin -- the beginning -- number one.

One is related to the Sun. People born on this day like to be in the center of things or be known as one who is vital or at the center of something important. They are usually steady and have a lot of life to them, many times being charismatic and attracting people to them like moths to a flame.

Two is the number of the Moon. These folks are sensitive and moody, but not necessarily withdrawn. They enjoy being a part of the nurturing and growth process, watching and tending so as to see healthy growth. They tend to change without warning, but are usually just adapting to the circumstances in which they find themselves. They like a regular feeding schedule.

Three is for Jupiter, the biggest planet, excluding the Sun (which is a star, actually). As you may guess, this number likes to live large. They like new knowledge, places and people so they can feel like they have a broad pallet with which to paint with through knowing life's experiences. Although generous, the down side is uncontrolled excess. This can lead to addictions of any kind. They are the large-scale connection. Big ideas and concepts.

Four is Uranus, although there is some controversy about that. I choose this because 13 (1+3=4) seems to be a number of the unexpected calamity, the sudden shock of Uranian energy. These people are unique in some way and very independent-minded. Their object is not so much to upset things, but to change the status quo to something more modern that fits with what is the highest good for all. They can come up with great solutions or inventions to be of help to all the ills of mankind. They do their own thing and sometimes are a little lonely because of it. If they touch your life, you will know it, and then they leave and you are different because of them. They are a catalyst.

Five belongs to Mercury. This shows a mental person who uses their mind all the time. Chances are they are so much in their head that they have a hard time stilling the brain. They like to challenge their mind in any way, whether it is solving a puzzle, gaining knowledge, or solving a mystery. They are the ones who are like the bees, going from person to person imparting a little bit of information at just the right time that is much needed and then moving on. Fives need to learn how to relax. Yoga or meditation, or just quietly walking in the woods would help them. Using the hands to do crafts, music or gardening also puts the mind at ease because there is a different focus that helps relieve the chatter inside. They like gadgets. They are clever and like a well-turned phrase.

Six is the number of Venus, the lover. This can come out in a couple of ways, but is always about acquiring something. They have strong appetites for whatever feels good, be it food or love. If they want something, they will go after it. They are consumers of whatever makes them feel good. They have great desires that bring to them what they want. Not really actively seeking, but desiring so much that it comes to them. They rarely give up and can be uncompromising.

Seven is Neptune, the planet of highest ideals. Seven brings a highly refined and spiritual element to a person's life. Their goal is to help or guide humanity in some way that enhances their lives, or their spiritual life. These people may have a hard time separating their energy from others. Although there are idealistic goals, don't forget that this is humanity and humans are not perfect. This idea may wear on them, and they may also slide into a depression or withdrawal from reality because it is too painful to see.

Eight is Saturn, planet of karmic obligation. Many people with this number are living eventful lives which contain hard lessons from past lives so that they can overcome these and move on. These people are of a deep and serious psychological nature, probing the depths of whatever their interest is. They can be highly critical, both of themselves and of others, but only because they see a more efficient way to approach something for the most successful outcome. They like to see results and are great hard workers. In fact, they need to pace themselves and take a break once in a while.

Nine is the number of Mars and has a magical element to it. If you take any number and multiply it by 9, the sum of the digits will be nine. This tells us that nine energy propagates itself exponentially. It has to do with movement and action. People with this number can't sit still. They may like to excersize and be constantly on the go, usually with energy to spare. They are born leaders and dislike indecision. Although they may not look before they leap, they will always be able to land on their feet and extricate themselves form anything they got themselves into -- and they do get themselves into situations. Quick and agile, number nine wants to GO.

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People By The Numbers: How To Sum Up A Person's Energy 1 2 3
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