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 Ascended Master Melchizedek Warns of the Transcendence Energy Shifts in 2011

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PostSubject: Ascended Master Melchizedek Warns of the Transcendence Energy Shifts in 2011   Fri May 13, 2011 7:27 am

Ascended Master Melchizedek Warns of the Transcendence Energy Shifts in 2011
Posted: Nov 20, 2010 |Comments: 0 | Views: 220 |

This information has been trance-channelled from Ascended Master Melchizedek:-

A time of transcendence nears humanity, and as human evolution continues onwards, everyone must look to prepare their souls towards a new spiritual awakening.

There are many at this time that spout doom and gloom, without explanations as to why, and sadly there are a large number of increasing souls involved with the spiritual movement, who, whilst professing to be spiritual, in reality, are creating a depth of illusion, whilst they seek riches for personal pleasures.

Now more than ever before in the history of humanity, will there be a deep collective awakening, and this will be very emotional for mankind, as the deepest fears of humanity seep to the surface.

A great divide will travel through Mother Earth through 2011. For some, certain mass hysteria will arise, as their sense of security is threatened, and for others, a deeper enriched spiritual level will be attained.

It is at this time, that those who truly carry the light within, will be called upon to mobilise their abilities, to awaken and empower others.

Those who are utilising spirituality to satisfy their own desires, will find themselves at a spiritual dead-end, and the more they attempt to delude others, with professed powers of spiritual ability, the more the truth will burn brighter of their deception, and their attempts of glory will be hollow.

Mass production has over-saturated mankind with greed and avarice, thereby creating mass waste. Industrial and agricultural reform has brainwashed humanity into a fanaticism for hygiene and cleanliness, which now pollutes the very planet that was meant to sustain and nourish us. Social reform and health reform will all undergo great change.

As the need by the few (The Illuminati) to control the masses, increases, removal of natural food and health products will ensure that the rising over-sensitivity to additives and impurities in food, and other substances, will create a greater dependence upon pharmaceuticals, thereby creating mass over-sensitivity and serious health problems.

All healers who are able to channel vibrational energies, will be greatly needed, to help awaken others to the interrelation between mind and body health, along with greater emphasis upon better nutrition.

Great care must be taken, so that the emphasis of humanity turns towards prevention first, rather than cure. Just as society offers medical check-ups, educating others for the need of holisitic wellness checks, is vital.

Those who had already agreed to be of service to humanity in a spiritual field, will find the energies being directed to Mother Earth so strong, that they will feel isolated, misused and unsupported in the workplace. These energies are a cosmic signal that you need to change direction in your profession.

Many of the children born from 2000 onwards, will begin to ask a lot of questions about life, and force others to question the nature of existence. As each child begins this line of questioning, society will realise they are being lead towards new spiritual growth and vision.

The spiritual realm will be directing full-force feminine energies to the Earth plane in an effort to help humankind finally come to terms with the need to orientate themselves in the world of feelings, love and spirituality.

Those who are guided by feelings and intuition, will go beyond their ability to manifest, and the ability to live their dreams will become a reality, whilst ever they continue to keep a sense of connection with the spiritual forces in the universe for the benefit of mankind.

A great time of awakening is upon us all. So many will experience disappointment and disillusionment, for it is the only way in which to communicate the futility of material ambition.

All those experiencing dissatisfaction at this time, will be learning that to focus upon human relationships and community, is where they will find abundance.

Those in relationships, where one is spiritual and the other is not, will be reminded of the emptiness of their relationship. Many will be forced to accept that a happy joint journey is unattainable, as an aura of dissatisfaction begins to develop around them.

Whilst these profound upheavals may seem to be doom and gloom, recognise they are opportunities of great transformation, which can change your lives for the better. The destructive forces in society need to be exposed, and this may create a need in many, to make ruthless decisions to ensure their survival.

Many will be no stranger to loss, but the materialistic and lower sexual undercurrents that are corrupting young souls, require the elders to turn their back on the past, and start anew.

2011 offers key moments in your soul's development. There is a greater need for people to make contact with the world of feeling, and discover emotional enrichment.

The re-orientation from the masculine to the feminine, will be expressed by humanity's change in attitudes towards the pricelessness of family, children, home and community. Priorities need to be changed, and as so many humans have continued oblivious to the destructive journey they are on, the emphasis from the spiritual realm has to take a more direct approach.

If less emphasis by all is placed upon selfish goals, and greater emphasis is placed on community and environmental issues, pressure can be applied upon the controlling few, for the need of greater change.

Helping others to deepen their intuitive awareness, will create a greater feeling of the world being a home, rather than a small building representing home.

2011 will begin to emphasise that intellectual development is no end in itself. Without spiritual bonds, there will be no structure. Importance must be placed in education upon the need to get to know others, to recognise similarities, and develop greater acceptance for differences.

2011 will be an upsetting period for many people, and they will look to light-workers for inspiration. light-workers will have the responsibility of creating clarity and compassion. Like a lightening rod, you must hold your energies intact and not be swayed by negativity. Be in the world, but not of it.

2011 is a time of choice, either to stay in the negativity, or to embrace the infinite light of God. It is only your beliefs and judgements that keep you locked, unable to move forward.

To move forward in 2011, seek to be always self-accountable. Do not buy into your fears of insecurity, based on past experiences. If nothing else, recognise the power of belief. If you only see yourself as human, then you will be locked into believing you can be hurt and destroyed.

Recognise that you are spirit. Spirit cannot be destroyed, so step into universal acceptance and embrace yourself. Forgive yourself previous transgressions, and make peace with where you are in your life.

Recognise that, just because you do not see something; it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. When it comes to healing, it is not the power of the healer that creates the miracle of healing; it is in the belief of the patient in the healing process that creates the healing miracle.

How often do you view a stranger with mistrust and scepticism? How often do you purposefully not look at another person, and pretend they are not there? You were given something wonderful to communicate acceptance to others, it is called a smile. A smile is a greeting. Smiling communicates joy, happiness and love. Would you like to walk down a street and experience others genuinely smiling at you?

If everyone is too scared to smile, you are all doomed to a physical life of existence and negativity.

Your perception of life creates your reality. Instead of being powerless, step into your I AM presence and change things one step at a time.

Being locked into the negativity of the Earth plane leads to lethargy, and although many desire change, far too many think taking the next step is too difficult; and yet I ask you to recognise that, for those of you who do not take the next step in the evolution of mankind, much suffering will be experienced.

Christmas (Christ Mass) should be a time of peace upon Earth and goodwill to all mankind. There has for too long been too much emphasis placed upon the material aspects of Christmas. This causes for many, a time of great stress, a time of disillusionment and more opportunity to become enslaved into more monetary debt.

Embrace the simplicities of this special time, by coming together with family and friends. Share your thanks for the food upon your table, the love for each other, and most importantly this special time, recognise how special each and everyone is in your life. Gifts do not now, nor ever will, emphasise the true meaning of love and adoration to another.

The greatest gift you can give to someone at Christmas time, is to hold them close, kiss them and say the words, "I am so happy you are a part of my life. I love you."

(ArticlesBase SC #3701900)

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Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Love & Light

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Ascended Master Melchizedek Warns of the Transcendence Energy Shifts in 2011
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