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 Christ Consciousness Grid and the Platonic Solids

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: Christ Consciousness Grid and the Platonic Solids    Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:46 pm

The planetary grid concept dates back to antiquity. Plato explained the grid as a synthesis of all the platonic solids. He also believed that Earth's basic structure was in an evolutionary process from the simplest geometric forms to more complex ones. There is evidence that the platonic solids were known to man from the Neolithic period. From that period, in Scotland have been found models shaped from stone, about 1000 years before Plato. These models can be found on display in Oxford, at the Ashmolean Museum.

There are only five shapes in the whole world, whose vertexes perfectly match the inside of a sphere. These shapes are, in order of their complexity: the Tetrahedron, the Hexahedron also known as the cube, the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedrons. The name of each figurine is given to it due to the number of faces, respectively 4, 6, 8, 12 and 20. Their uniqueness, beauty and symmetry gave the geometers a topic of discussion for thousands of years.

The platonic solids were named so after the Greek philosopher Plato, the one who theorized the elements as they were developed from regular solids. The credit for the discovery of these elements is attributed to Pythagoras, but other sources say that he was familiar with only the Tetrahedron, the Cube and the Dodecahedron. The other two shapes are believed to be discovered by Theaetetus, a mathematician contemporary of Plato. He was also the one that gave a mathematical description of all the polyhedrons and was also credited with the first proof that there is no other solid that matches the inside of a sphere.

Plato intuitively associated the solids named after him with the classical elements. Fire was associated with the tetrahedron because the heat of its flames feels stabbing and sharp, just like the solid. The minuscule components of air led Plato to assume it is made of the octahedron. Because the water slips through your hand like little spheres, he assumed water is made of icosahedrons. He believed that the cube was the basic element of the earth and causes it to crumble. This is in contrast with the smooth flow of the water. The dodecahedron was believed to be used by god to arrange all constellations in heaven.

A very powerful pendant that is obtained from platonic solids is the Christ consciousness grid pendant. It is obtained from two platonic solid shapes – the icosahedrons and the dodecahedron. The Christ consciousness grid can be viewed as having 12 five sided facets or 20 triangles. Its structure is believed to create an electromagnetic field that surrounds our planet and unites the human consciousness.

In Jewish tradition there are 72 names for God. These names are obtained by dividing the middle sentence of the holy Torah to thirds. Thus you will obtain 72 three letter words, which represent names for God. The link between this aspect of the Jewish religion and the Christ consciousness grid is the number of facets that the pendant has. This pendant is also believed to have other mystical powers.

The Christ consciousness grid pendant can be found available for purchase over the internet at ka-gold-jewelry.com. There are also different types and patterns used for jewelry, each of them being submitted to a special energizing process. A good example of the power this pendant holds would be from the year 2001, when the city of Jerusalem was being bombed. Thirty pendants shaped like this were spread throughout the city. If it was a coincidence or not is entirely up to you, but the bombings did not continue.

The platonic solids represent an important part of the sacred geometry. These patterns can be found in nature in the shape of crystals. The Christ consciousness grid pendant radiates subtle vibrations and possesses great healing powers.