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 What are the Birth Stones in 12 Signs of Zodiac

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: What are the Birth Stones in 12 Signs of Zodiac    Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:18 pm

Birthstone is a gift of valued material which symbolizes the birth month of a person in the Gregorian calendar. As each person’s horoscope comes with their own animal signs and ruling planet, each of the twelve star signs are associated with a certain crystal or gemstone. It is the belief of the astrologers that the power of a person’s zodiac birthstone will help in promoting the positive characteristics of a person. It will also help in balancing certain aspects of person’s personality. By wearing, carrying, or sleeping close to a person’s birthstone will enable a person to pick up vibrations that are linked to the constellation. This will then help reach a person’s deeper level of consciousness.

While birthstones and the zodiacs are connected with the ruling planets, birth stones are also associated with months of the year. This then explains why there is an overlap in the signs of the zodiac and that some stones are used for some months and can emerge in more than one zodiac sign.

The zodiac Aries is ruled by the planet. For this zodiac, the birthstones are ruby and diamond. The diamond, possessing qualities like strength and clarity, also reflects the Arians character like enhancing relationship, increasing strength, balance, clarity, and abundance.

Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, is associated with the emerald. The stone relates to Taurean characteristics like loyalty, faithfulness, friendship, good memory, clairvoyance, and faith.

Mercury rules over Gemini with pearl as its birthstone indicates that a person is loyal, faithful, friendly, modest, and pure. The pearl is also said to be used to enhance personal integrity.

Cancer has ruby as its birthstone and Mercury as its ruling planet. The characters usually associated to people with this birthstone are devoted, has integrity, courage, happiness, vital, confident, and possesses strength.

For the Leans who are ruled by the Sun, peridot is their birthstone. The stone tells a person under the Leo sign is loving, truthful, faithful, and loyal. Those people are also said to achieve fame, dignity, and protection in their lives.

People under the sign Virgo are also ruled by Mercury with Sapphire as their birthstone. Characters related to this stone include truthfulness, sincerity, constancy, clairvoyance, and insightful.

Those who are under Libra are related to the stone opal. These people are said to be innocent, full of hope, pure, happy, faithful, loyal, and confident.

Scorpions are under the ruling planet Pluto and the stone topaz. These people are said to be constant, loyal, faithful, friendly, has strength, and has balanced emotions.

Fort he Sagittarians, who are ruled by Jupiter with turquoise as their stone, are said to positively prosper and reach success, communicates openly, and are protected from diseases.

Garnet is the stone for people who are under the Capricorn sign and the ruling planet Saturn. These people are said to be pure, honest, faithful, friendly, has awareness, and are committed.

Aquarians are said to be stable, peaceful, has balance, courage, and inner strength as suggested by their birth stone amethyst and their ruling planet, Uranus.

Lastly, people born under the Pisces sign are said to be faithful, courageous, friendly, has awareness, and responds quickly. These people are ruled by the planet Neptune with aquamarine as their stone.

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What are the Birth Stones in 12 Signs of Zodiac
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