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 Spiritual Metaphysics

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PostSubject: Spiritual Metaphysics   Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:43 am

What is metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing; it is the study of physical reality and beyond. It includes the spiritual relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value. Metaphysics is concerned with the principles and fundamental nature of reality and being. Literally, meta (beyond) and physics (physical) – metaphysics addresses the philosophical questions of our being and existence – “What am I?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “What is reality?”.

Spiritual metaphysics combines the studies of metaphysics with spirituality, and is concerned with the metaphysical, incorporeal source of reality and being. You can learn more about metaphysics and spirituality by reading the articles regularly posted here on our blog, Spiritual Metaphysics.

Divine Creation – A ‘Grand’ Plan Carried Out to Perfection
Over the years, different ideas and beliefs have evolved among different sections of the world population. Some of the more popular Christian beliefs include the idea that the Universe is God’s work, that man was created by God and woman from Adam’s rib. On the other hand, Science puts forth the idea that all life forms including man evolved from a single sludge. When we put together the two conflicting theories, we come up with Metaphysics.

At the very beginning, there was only one entity which has been given several names over thousands of years by spiritual thinkers. ‘The All’, the Divine, the Goddess, God and ‘the Everything’ are just some of the names that are coined all pointing to the same essence or energy that caused the Universe to be created by causing its energy to expand in the shape of physical mass.

It is next to impossible to state with any certainty the period which was needed by the Great Spirit or the Consciousness to make this happen. Whether it happened in the fraction of a second or in tens of millions of years, what can be said with assurance is that the occurrence of this event is still retained by mankind as a whole in their memory.

Pleased at what the Divine had created by expanding itself, it decided to go further and expand the initially created mass from within itself to outside in all directions, and this event is often referred to as by modern scientists as ‘the Big Bang’. It is precisely at this point that mere faith and hard science converge beautifully. This convergence only goes on to solidify the claim that Metaphysics makes by stating that religion and science are just the same.

Once the Universe was created as a result of ‘the Big Bang’ life was created on different planets, starting an evolutionary process that continues to this day. Once the ball was set rolling, it was time for the spiritual evolution which could never have happened if it were not for the ‘touch of the Divine hand’ or the ‘Divine Intervention’.

We see God in everything, because the Universe and those who live in it were created from a miniscule part of the Divine. Hence, individuals like the readers of this article cannot claim to be God themselves, but when we take a step back and look, we see a part of God or the Divine. This forces us to conclude that all life forms especially humans are interconnected with each other because out origin is the same.

The Divine Universe in which we reside today continues to evolve just like it nurtured life from the very first day. As different groups or civilizations went through different evolutionary stages, some reached advanced stages and became more enlightened as compared to others. This was all part of the ‘Grand’ plan of the Divine power that created the Universe and life itself. Creation of Soul Groups or the Celestial Star was all carried out by the Divine Hand. And it was Divine Intervention when these Soul Groups were guided to impart their knowledge with those groups that were less evolved or less enlightened.

Metaphysical Poetry and Poems
Metaphysical poetry is concerned with the relationship between man and experience, particularly love, God, and beauty. Metaphysical poems are lyrics poems and tend to be romantic and concerning the nature of sensual experiences, far-fetched imagery and theological concepts, however they may also include lyrics about art and learning. These lyrics tend to investigate the world not by mysticism or intuition, but rather rational discussion with subtle arguments.

Metaphysical poetry can be characterized by its abundance of intellectual wit, irony and unusual metaphors, yet intricacy, complexity and ultimately its inventiveness of metaphysical conceits. It is often that poets of metaphysical poetry express several arguments into their poems, which frequently result in a paradox. Frequently, the last two lines of metaphysical poems present a final ‘conceit’.

The term, “Metaphysical poets” was introduced in the seventeenth century by the poet, Samuel Johnson. This term usually refers to the work of the poets listed below, however, “metaphisical poetry” can also refer to any poetry which discusses metaphysics, a branch of philosophy.

Neo-Platonism was the major influence for much metaphysical poetry, such as John Donne. John Donne was one of the most influential metaphysical poets of his time. Many of his lyrics are concerned with spirituality, which he expressed a personal interest for.

Metaphysical poets:

John Donne (1572–1631)

Saint Robert Southwell (c. 1561–1595)

Richard Crashaw (c. 1613–1649)

Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)

Henry Vaughan (1622–1695)

Thomas Traherne (1636 or 1637 – 1674)

George Herbert (1593–1633)

Read more on metaphysical poetry at Wikipedia.

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Love & Light

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Spiritual Metaphysics
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