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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher
Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: THE LOST REALM   Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:46 pm

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Not very much is known about this realm at all. Once, many thousand years ago, we were close to the lost realm, but not any longer. We have scant information taken from the archives, and this is what i could gather about this realm.

The people are nomadic. They are bound together in tribes. They do not build cities or towns, but roam the countryside, waring on each other and hunting, the reason for this is, that these people are believed to be shape shifters. Not just into wolves, as is the common belief amongst mortals, but into any animal. Each person could change into one animal, a gift that they were born with. So they live in tribes. There would be the wolf tribe, the deer tribe, the crow tribe, and so on, for each different animal, bird or reptile.

Yet within those types of animals there are smaller packs, that often war on each other, even though they are still part of the greater tribe. It is basically how the animals of the human world behave, some living together in packs, some not, and all waring against each other. And twice a year an amnesty is declared not only between all the packs of a tribe, but between all the tribes, and they all get together for their festival. That of Midsummer, or Midwinter. these creatures spend most of their time as people, except for when it is time to hunt.

They do behave like animals for the most part, living to hunt and to breed, yet they do take care of their sick and wounded, they are educated, to some extent, on the history of their tribe, and they do enjoy drinking and dancing. They are also very powerful in the use of Wild Magic. They are also governed by basic universal laws, of which i know nothing. Their life is obviously hard, and dangerous, yet it is seeped in magic, like Faerie, and in tradition and history, like the mortal realm. It is a weird merging of two different realms.

The realm itself is said to be wild, uncharted. There is a map, drawn by the more scholarly of the realm. Which shows that there are no cities or towns or harbours, no roads, no settlements. It would be a chaotic world to move around, and dangerous, too, for not understand the laws, or even knowing them, it would be easy to break them, and i don't think, in this realm, ignorance would be an excuse.

There is, also, a document which states that faeries are hated. I can't understand why that would be, but it does clearly state that any faerie should be killed on site, so maybe it is just as well that the Gateway closed down and no one can visit this wild and unpredictable realm.

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