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 The Four Kings of the Zodiac

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: The Four Kings of the Zodiac   Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:31 pm

In the Land of Zodiac, there are four tribes of people. The Earth People, the Air People, the Water People, and the Fire People. It was decided long ago, that they should each elect a king and the four kings would represent their tribes as members of the High Council. The High Council would decide what was best for all of Zodiac's peoples. The people of Zodiac agreed to allow the beloved members of royalty to decide for themselves, which would become kings and which would not.

The Earth People are practical hardworking people who love others in a quiet sensible manner. They work hard to make sure that their loved ones have the food, clothing, shelter, and money that they need to live a reasonably worry-free life. They believe that God helps those who help themselves. They would rather teach a hungry man how to hunt and fish, than to simply hand him a free meal. In general, they do not like to butt their noses into other people's business and they do not appreciate others telling them what to do.

When Capricorn heard that a king of the Earth People was to be elected, he felt that the choice should be made quickly and logically. He headed off to find the other two members of Earth royalty so they could decide together which of them should represent the tribe of Earth People.

Capricorn soon found his brother Virgo hard at work. "Hello my brother! Have you heard? Each tribe is choosing a king to represent them in the High Council. I thought we would go together to find Taurus and between us, we would decide which of us should lead the Earth People." To this Virgo responded, "I'm really quite busy right now and I've got so much work to do. The people need me here helping to organize the work crews and to make sure that things are done correctly. You go talk to Taurus and see what he thinks. I trust you to decide without me." They shook hands and Capricorn left to find Taurus.

It did not take long to find Taurus. He was resting comfortably in a field of flowers with a half eaten picnic basket beside him. Capricorn asked his brother Taurus how he felt about becoming King of the Earth People. Taurus thought about this for a very long time before responding, "You know I love my tribesmen and I gladly work hard to help them and to care for them. However, I do like my time off too. I think that I would be miserable if I had to constantly travel to and from the meetings and you know how I can be slow to embrace new ideas. I think that I would make a good King, but I do not think that I would enjoy the politics of being a member of the High Council. So why don't you do it? You are a natural leader anyway and you have definitely worked hard and earned the title. I trust you to represent us with pride and dignity."

Capricorn could not help but agree with his brothers. He had secretly hoped they would both say what they had said, because he really did want the honor of being King of the Earth People. Nothing would give him more pleasure than to serve his people in such an important role. As he headed off to the High Council meeting to join the other kings, he contemplated and rehearsed with himself so that when he was officially crowned king, that he would not make a fool of himself by appearing unworthy of such honors.

The Air People are social happy people who love to laugh. They are intellectuals that love to communicate ideas great and small. They prefer to make a living with their minds rather than their bodies. It is not that they are lazy; they just have so much happening inside their heads that is busting to come out. They live in a world of ideas, ideals, and intellect. They are more than happy to offer their opinions to anyone who is not quite sure what to think about a given situation. They are so eager to share their ideas that they sometimes are unable to bite their tongues. Nevertheless, their hearts are in the right place and they mean well. They live by the ideal "live and let live" even though they are a bit too opinionated at times.

When Libra heard the news that someone was to be elected King of the Air People, she was immediately torn between two ideas. She wanted to be the King but she also wanted to be fair and give the others a say in the matter too. So, she hurried off to find her siblings to ask their opinions.

Libra found her Brother Aquarius and her sister Gemini laughing and playfully teasing each other. "Who among us will be King of the Air People?" she asked. Her brother Aquarius pointed out that he was a great team player and therefore he should become the King of the Air People. Gemini said that she was a better negotiator and therefore she should be crowned King of the Air People. The two began to argue in earnest. Libra found herself in the role of mediator. She agreed with both of them and hated to see them argue. After an entire day of moderating their arguments and helping them to see that each had a valid point, she was suddenly able to see her own role in things. She pointed out to her siblings that she should be King because she is best able to see both sides of an argument and to help bring people together through mediation and fairness. She also pointed out that others might be turned off by Aquarius's nonconformist eccentric opinions and Gemini's quick-changing opinions. "The others just might not relate to either of you." They both agreed that other people misunderstand them quite often and that it would be better to send Libra as their representative to the High Council.

Despite the fact that she felt that she was the best qualified for the role of King of the Air People, she was nervous and unsure of her ability to lead. She wished she could bring one of her siblings with her so they could co-rule over the Air People, but they both reassured her that if she ever needed their services or their advice, all she had to do was ask. With their belief in her firmly planted in her heart, Libra set off to meet the other kings at the first meeting of the High Council.

The Water People are sensitive, emotional, intuitive, and therefore quite moody. They are comfortable with changing moods and they do not require that life be all happy and sunshine at all times. Many of them have paranormal gifts and can "read" each other without the need for spoken words. They understand how things work, because they can "feel" when something is right or wrong. They trust their gut instincts and expect others to respect their feelings in any given situation. They are quick to help those in need and they pride themselves for being compassionate, caring, and deeply sensual people.

When Cancer heard that it was time to pick the King of the Water People, she began to worry. Which of them was best suited to the job? She knew that she was naturally nurturing and caring, but people often got angry with her for bossing them around and telling them what to do. It was not her fault that people often could not take care of themselves and needed someone to mother them. Still someone should lead them and she just was not sure who. She called a meeting with her sister Pisces and her brother Scorpio.

Scorpio immediately took charge of the situation. "I am the rightful King of the Water People. I am powerful and the others already respect me as a great warrior." Pisces secretly hated him for being so arrogant, but she said nothing. Instead, she wove "mystery" and "secrets" around him so that he would always have to search for the truth and wonder who he could trust. She smiled to herself knowing that her magic spell would always force him to stay humble. He could never become too powerful and egotistical as long as he was never quite sure who he could and could not trust.

Cancer felt that she was more maternal and therefore more concerned about the welfare of the Water People, but she also admitted that Scorpio was better able to fight for their needs. She agreed to stay behind and to look after the needs of the Water People. She would report to him every day letting him know exactly what the Water People needed and what he should do about it. Scorpio just rolled his eyes at her and allowed her to believe that he actually needed her advice. He then left to take his place among the Kings of the Zodiac. The High Council could not start without him.

The Fire People are passionate, untamed, and fearless. They are easily bored and need to feel that life is more than just work, school, and chores. They love to compete, to challenge, and to inspire others. They are always hungry, vibrant, and lusting for something more than the doldrums of everyday life. They believe in statements like, "Life is a party and it is meant to be enjoyed." And, "Life is a game that is meant to be played hard and won victoriously." Fire People live to be happy and do not apologize for it.

As Sagittarius was walking along the road, he wondered about which of them would become King of the Fire People. Before long, he came upon his brothers Leo and Aries, both were in a knock down drag out fight over which is the one true King of the Fire People. Sagittarius had to stand there and shake his head. Would these two never learn?

Leo said, "I am the king! I have luxury, riches, and I know more about how to spoil our people and make them happy. They will love me as their ruler!"

Aries said, "You arrogant fool! I am the King of the Fire People! I was the first-born and I am more innovative and more of a trendsetter than you. I am always the first to have new ideas, the first to try new things, and the first to lead us into a new era. You are never the first to do anything!"

As the two argued and fought, Sagittarius interjected, "You are both valiant warriors and quite capable of leading our people. As for me, I will be gone traveling quite a bit and even though I think I'm more level-headed and more educated than the two of you put together, I would much rather continue traveling. I am more comfortable in the role of student and teacher than I am as ruler. So you two figure it out, I will let you know when I get back from my travels. I'll bring you each a souvenir."

As Sagittarius continued along his journey, he met up with Capricorn, Libra, and Scorpio who were on their way to the first High Council meeting. They asked him if he was the Fire King and he said, "No, I'm on my way out of town. I've left my brothers to figure it out between them. You will find them just up the road battling one another over who gets to be the King of the Fire People. Good luck to all of you!"

When Capricorn, Libra, and Scorpio found Leo and Aries, it was just as Sagittarius had described. Capricorn tried to convince the two to shape up and behave like Kings. He thought they were each being very unprofessional. Scorpio threatened to get into the fight and whip both of them if they did not come to some sort of an agreement between them. Libra tried to mediate. Neither would bow before the other.

Libra had a crush on Aries and hoped to marry him someday soon. Aries felt the same way about her. Finally, Libra told Aries, "I will let you go in my place if you will promise to represent the Air People and not betray us." Aries agreed and promised to secretly let Libra co-rule with him. She trusted him and he knew not to break her trust because if he ever did, she would take her rightful place as King of the Air People and then he would have to step down from the throne. (Yes, they did eventually wed and live happily ever after.)

And that is how Capricorn, Scorpio, Leo, and Aries got their crowns and their sense of duty to rule over everyone else. Ask them and they will not be able to remember after all of these many centuries why they are kings and why they are to be treated as such, but deep down, they all know it to be true.


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The Four Kings of the Zodiac
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