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 Avalon Whitefeather Channeling Mary Magdalena and Mother Mary

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: Avalon Whitefeather Channeling Mary Magdalena and Mother Mary   Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:13 am

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Message from Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary - Concerning The Return of the Feminine. Channeled through Whitefeather 30/7/2010

Mother Mary and I come to speak as we have messages pertaining to the Return of the Feminine that we wish to share. There is much being done at this time around your world to bring ceremony and attention to the world, of the Return of the Feminine . This is wonderful and most beautiful, we urge that you continue with these practises for they help to awaken others around you, giving them cause to pause and reflect, think a while and make changes in their own lives. This is the key, this is the essence of Femininity. Change. Women are like water, like any liquid, we are fluid, malleable, able to permeate in and around obstacles, to bend and change to match our environments, women adapt and flow.

Over the eons of time, despite the brutality and oppression of women at the hands of unenlightened men, women had remained strong, vigilant, aware, woman have not lost their inner wisdom, although in some it is buried deep at this point in time as they strive to become like a man in a mans world. That inner wisdom IS the female essence.

Whilst you continue with your ceremonies, we would ask that all women take the time to go within themselves on a daily basis and to reconnect with your own inner essence, your truths. For it is here you will find the strengths you need to gently yet firmly realign yourselves with your true essence and your roles as ambassadors of the feminine essence and its return to the world. Some women will have high profile lives, travelling the world to spread this message, some will work diligently with small groups of women, and still others will work alone simply by changing themselves and allowing others around them to see the beauty they emanate.

Many women will find themselves in male dominated work places, your role is not to conform to their forceful energies, neither is it to rule them with the iron rod that they themselves would use, your role is to return gentleness and love, beauty and compassion to the workplace, no matter what or how that work place presents itself, this may be difficult and easier to return the same fiery energy to them, but this will not change the situation, only gentleness and love will, given time and patience and a quiet determination.

Other women may find themselves in oppressive home life situations, perhaps where you feel circumstances prevent you from leaving at this time. Remember wherever you all are at this given time, is where you are meant to be for a reason, and in this situation you must find the reason and work with it from the beautiful essence of your feminine self. You have to reach into the cold hearts of stone of these men and show them the love and beauty that resides there if they allow themselves to feel their own feminine essence within themselves. Your sacred mission, as with all women, is to bring the beauty of love back into the hearts of all men. With your own gentle, loving and receptive ways you will begin to soften the hearts of these men who have forgotten how to love unconditionally, how to love and honour women, how to love and honour all life.

Some women will find themselves in physically abusive situations repressed by social or religious order, know that this is neither the God’s or the Goddess’s wish for women, it is not the lores of the universe, but the laws of corrupted mankind.

The universe operate under sacred lores, unwritten knowing held deep in the heart of every being, mankind operates of laws they have written for the benefit of themselves.

When a women finds herself in this position, know that your role is not to become the victim, you are not here to suffer such abuses but do not try to return their dominance with anger or by fighting back with yet more violence, fighting denigrates the spirit and your holy, sacred mission. Instead you must find the strong feminine courage within you and leave, find solace with other women of like mind, only when you all come together can these oppressive situation be changed.

There will be women amongst you all whose role it is to guide, teach and lead others, there will be men attaining places of power who are not afraid of the feminine within them or of the feminine that walks beside them in their daily lives. We do not foresee women being rulers of vast countries or empires, that would be undermining masculine energy, there must be a balance of the two. It is not a woman’s role to become a man, but to lead from the full beauty of being a woman who stands in her own gentle yet strong power. A woman’s power is not dominance, it is not thrusting and forceful, as women’s power is in her instincts, her inner knowing and the quiet resolve and determination she carries. A woman’s power is the beauty from within her heart and not in the physical form she inhabits. A woman’s power is what is needed to return the world to balance.

Each woman and man, has within them, the balance of both female and male energies, often referred to as yin and yang. Whatever you choose to call it, it is the delicate state of balance that throughout the whole universe, in both your outer world and your own personal inner world, regardless of your gender. This is the balance that must be return to the self, to the Earth, to the Universe. Women are as guilty as men of allowing this masculine, dominant, self orientate energy to rise and take precedence over the feminine, especially in the western world where women have sought to become like men in both their attire and their ways. In the east women have allowed themselves to become subservient, lower class victims of man’s dominance.

The Master Merlin has spoken of this through Whitefeather’s vessel on many occasions, Choices - (they smile) it is a word he uses often, but with necessity. So often, women believe they cannot change their circumstances, cannot change the men in their lives. But women, we come to tell you that this is not the case. You each carry great power within you for creating change, women you ARE creators. But it is not about forcefully trying to change another. To quote another great and very balanced male soul, You Must Be The Change You Wish To Be , Bless you our dear brother Mahatma Ghandi for your work during your incarnation.

So women, reach inside yourselves, stop the external fights, a woman’s courage comes from a quiet resolve and steadfast dedication and determination to make changes in herself that she knows to be true to her soul and for the greater good of the whole. A woman is likened to the deer that stands its ground when the lion comes for her fawn, she will protect her young, be like the deer and quietly but firmly stand you ground and love all things, even in the face of danger.

You do not need to be a Mother to feel the passions of Mother Love, you do not need to have children at your feet to know they are the future of the Earth and so must be taught well. Find the Mother Love within yourselves and care for all the worlds children. When we speak of all the worlds children, we do not refer only to infants, but to adults and elders alike, humans and all animals and creatures, the trees and plants, rocks, stones and soil, the rivers and oceans, all things on and of the Earth that surround you, all thing whether near or far.

The Return of the Feminine must begin with returning the essence of femininity into the hearts of every living soul, and to do that, you must each become the embodiment of the feminine essence and her qualities. Love, Beauty, Compassion, Nurturance, Understanding, Receptivity and the Quiet Inner Strength.

And now we would address the men and say to them, do not fear the Return of the Feminine, for it is already within you anyway, but long forgotten and buried under your need for materialism, wealth, progress and control. But it IS there. Women are not going to take over the world, they are merely regaining the energy that has been lacking over the last millennia that is now ready to return to the hearts of ALL humanity. Embrace it dear men, use it to become the new gentle yet forceful energy of change in your world. Your strength and driving force is praised and honoured when used wisely in balance with the feminine instincts of Love and Compassion. Balance the two within yourselves, let Love and Compassion soften the hardened exteriors you have built around your hearts. There is nothing, nothing to fear, you are not going to loose anything. When you work with the feminine to restore balance, you are working to help yourselves and all other beings to a better world.

The era of the Return of the Feminine WILL happen, we urge you all, women and men alike, to embrace these feminine qualities now, within yourselves and together the return of balance can come sooner and with far less labour pains for the Earth and yourselves. The Earth is working to throw off the energies of the excesses of the male energy, she will continue to do so making life difficult and painful for many. But why prolong this ? Why fight it ? (they smile and giggle) Hmmm, we are sounding like the Master Merlin and the questions he always like to pose for you. But on this occasion it is right to do so, for you all have the strength and power within you all right now, you always have done, to halt the flow of the out of control, destructive masculine energies, simply by flooding yourselves with the feminine.

Men we ask you to become gentle, compassionate leaders. Women we ask you to continue to spread Love, Beauty and Joy through all your endeavours . All humanity, we ask you to bring the feminine into every aspect of your lives, to respect women for the creators they are, man may plant the seed but without the nurturance and love of the woman, that seed cannot grow, therefore woman are the creators and as such should be honoured and respected as sacred beings. When you do this, then a growing wave of gentle energy will return the Earth to balance, then each of you can take pride and comfort in knowing you are a part of the process of the Return of the Feminine - A Return to Balance.

Much love and blessings are with you all at this time, we are but a whisper away, call us, all of us, and we are with you in an instant, for you carry us already in your hearts, you just need to find us again. Awaken to the feminine within.

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.

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Avalon Whitefeather Channeling Mary Magdalena and Mother Mary
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