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 The belief in fairies and other supernatural beings

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Administrator /co-founder /forum topics researcher

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PostSubject: The belief in fairies and other supernatural beings    Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:02 am

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The belief in fairies and other supernatural beings

Fairies. They seem harmless enough, right? You joke about the little rascals stealing your keys, you tell your niece they live at the bottom of the garden and suddenly. . . WALLOP! You've got an infestation.

This is because the more you believe in fairies or other supernatural beings, the more they will enchant your life. If you want to remain in ignorant bliss, free from the knowledge of the fairy world, stop reading now. I'm serious. Stop.

Okay, so you really want to know? Right. I'm going to tell you about some friends of mine. Unfortunately, these aren't the kind of friends that will always give you a shoulder to cry on or make you a cup of tea when you've had a rough day. Nope, these guys can really be irritating little so-and-sos, but they can fill your life with so much fun and surprise that you'd never want to be without them.


These little fairies are your best friend and your worst nightmare. They love housework and make great companions, but don't upset them or their naughty streak will come out. They will dance in your food and leave little footprints all over the house, making a complete mess for you to clean up.

Brownies love shiny things, so don't leave any valuable jewelry lying around or they might steal it. They usually give it back, but only in their own time, often in a different place than where they found it.


Elves come in two major types: light elves and dark elves. Light elves live above the ground in places like forests and castle ruins. They help out around the house, much like brownies, but they tend to help with projects that have been neglected for a long time. Dark elves are nocturnal creatures which live underground in caves, drains and cellars. They forge little weapons, such as elf arrows and elf shot, to fire at humans. These weapons won't hurt you, but they might give you a cold.

When elves get bored, they get into mischief. If you wake up in the morning with knots in your hair, they've been playing in your hair while you've slept. Don't let them know they're getting on your nerves; it will only make them play more tricks on you.


At only one-eighth of an inch high, these tiny fairies hang around bonfires and volcanoes. They live in groups of hundreds, always hovering just above an open flame. When they are happy, they sing and dance above the fire. And if you can catch one and release it, a firefay will fly away to grant you a wish.


Flowerfays are extremely delicate because they are the spirits of the flowers. Their tiny bodies support large, beautifully decorated wings. They fly through the air on butterflies and dragonflies, but never stray far from their home.

These tiny creatures are very sensitive and don't like loud noises, so speak quietly and step softly if you see one. They are especially helpful to humans who are ill, so if you've caught a cold from an elf's arrow, call on a flowerfay to nurse you better.


These earth spirits live underground and do not like human company, but if you catch one, they will remain your faithful servant. Like the flowerfays, they don't like loud noises. They will help out around the house, but treat them well as they do have a malevolent streak if they feel they've been wronged.


This is the type of housekeeper you can really do without. Sure, they'll sweep the dirt off your floor, but they'll sweep it under the rug. They fly about on brooms which they use to swat flies, and they love a good party. Anytime there's food, drink and music, they'll show up. They love playing tricks, but it's never meant to be hurtful.


Imps are usually invisible, but if you ever actually see one, catch it in a water-filled bottle. The imp will happily call it home, even when let out from time to time. If you've recently lost some paperwork, ask these little guys to find it for you. Nine times out of ten, they will. And nine times out of ten, they probably stole it from you in the first place.


These well-known Irish inhabitants live in marshes, caves, and sometimes in basements. They are shoemakers, but they don't really need to work for money as they own all the buried treasure in the Earth. They try to share their wealth whenever possible by leaving money lying around on the ground for the poor to find.

It is true that if you catch a leprechaun he will show you where he keeps his pot of gold. But be careful, and don't trust a word he says. He'll say anything and try anything to get away. The best thing to do is take him home and you'll always have enough money.


Native to Cornwall, England, pixies are usually found at the edges of standing stone circles. They have a nasty little trick called "mazing" that they like to play on humans. If you're out walking down a well known path and are mazed by a pixie, you will lose all sense of direction and wander aimlessly. On the other hand, if you catch one and befriend it, you will have your own personal guardian.


Although trolls have received a lot of bad press over the years, on average they are actually rather benign. They live in large families and hold great wisdom. They do have a temper, however, so try not to insult them. Don't worry too much if you do, though, because at most they will stamp their foot and sulk for a while.


Sometimes referred to as nixies, undines are beautiful water fairies with fine wings. They carry little pouches with magic pebbles, and if you ever find a pebble it will bring you good luck. Beware of attracting them into your home too often as they have a way of causing havoc on anything water related. If ever your bathroom floods or your washing machine leaks, you've definitely got some undines living with you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I haven't even mentioned the banshees, dryads, hearthfays, kelpies, selkies or wiskies. But if you haven't been put off by anything you've read here, then go out and start looking for fairies. You're life might become more problematic, but never, ever boring.
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The belief in fairies and other supernatural beings
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